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Special Issues

Both Third World Quarterly (TWQ) and Central Asian Survey (CAS) regularly publish Special Issues. These allow the journals to collate a range of content on a theme by bringing together different perspectives, approaches and authors. Each manuscript is required to meet the same quality criteria as regular submissions. The journal editors are currently looking for new proposals for Special Issues.

Both TWQ and CAS also welcome proposals for Collections, which are special sections of three to six papers. Collections are published within journal issues as part of the usual publication schedule.

“Special issues offer a space for greater range and depth of analysis on a specific topic, advancing scholarly knowledge in a way that is over and above what is possible in a single journal article. They can also promote dialogue between the contributing authors and readers of the journal in which they are published.”

Madeline Hatfield, Managing Editor

Prospective Guest Editors are encouraged to submit thematic collections of articles that are coherent, robust, and original contributions to scholarship. The journal’s focus is on internationally comparative or regional research.

Cross-disciplinary, critical, and innovative approaches are encouraged, with each article expected to have strong empirical underpinnings. Although each article should be able to stand alone, the journal expects to see a clear connection between each article and how it contributes to the overarching argument of the Special Issue.

Third World Quarterly: Call for Special Issues

Third World Quarterly is currently seeking Special Issues presenting innovative, interesting and important research on critical issues and core debates affecting the Global South. If you want to find out more, visit the Taylor and Francis website.

CAS and TWQ Special Issues News