Who we are

Global Souths Hub is a news and resource site developed alongside the leading academic journals Third World Quarterly (TWQ) and Central Asian Survey (CAS)

The Hub shares and connects the voices of scholar-activists, researchers, policymakers and practitioners, as well as anyone interested in the Global Souths’ diverse countries and cultures, politics, and histories. 

We disseminate news, blogs and stories from leading thinkers in Global South studies, as well as complementary content from both TWQ and CAS journals. 

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Our aims

The Global Souths Hub aims to:

  • Be a source of free, quality content that will share knowledge, and inspire a new generation of Global South scholars.
  • Build collaborations between academics and early career researchers, editors and authors, and bloggers and readers.
  • Prompt critical conversations by inspiring debate and reflection.

Why Global Souths?

Global South research focuses on the countries and regions in Africa, Asia and the Pacific Islands, Central Asia and the Caucasus, the Middle East and North Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean, and their diasporic communities. We use the additional ‘s’ in ‘Souths’ to reflect the diversity of the field, and to highlight that there is not just one ‘Global South’ identity, culture and history, but many. 

At the Global Souths Hub we recognise that Global South Studies is a rapidly evolving, interdisciplinary field, and we hope to be a platform that will foster debate and facilitate reflection.

What topics do we cover

We encourage contributions to the site that stimulate debate in;

  • art, culture and sport
  • aid, trade and finance
  • climate change and environmental sustainability
  • colonialism and postcolonialism
  • critical political economy
  • democracy and populism
  • development and global inequalities
  • education, publishing and media
  • extractivism and resource conflict
  • gender and sexuality
  • global health
  • human rights and international law
  • international relations
  • peacebuilding
  • poverty and famine
  • race and ethnicity
  • refugees, migration and labour
  • science, technology and policy
  • social justice
  • war, disasters and intervention

How to get involved

We welcome writers and scholars from across the globe, as well as academics and non-academics alike. Contributions from early career researchers are particularly encouraged.  

We typically post one or more news item each week, which are carefully curated by the Global Souths Hub team. You can contact us on [email protected].

We welcome a wide range of content formats, from short summaries of journal articles, to podcasts and videos with authors. 

If you are interested in writing or submitting content to us, visit our How to Contribute to the Hub page and have a look at our most recent blog posts.

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“Over time, we hope the Hub will inspire scholars and practitioners across the globe to engage in discussion and discover solutions together.”

Global Souths Hub Team


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Mira Mookerjee

Editor and Curator, Global Souths Hub
[email protected]

Mira Mookerjee, a graduate in English and Russian Civilisation from the University of Leeds, is currently pursuing an MA at Brunel University, UK.

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Purniya Awan

Contributing Editor, Global Souths Hub
[email protected]

Purniya Awan is a Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies graduate from York University, Canada.

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Zara Qadir

Founder, Global Souths Hub
[email protected]

Zara has fifteen years of experience working in communications and journalism in health, technology, sustainability as well as other sectors/disciplines.

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