The Benefits of Blogging

Through the Hub, we aim to facilitate debate and discussion in the field of Global South studies for a global audience. Below, we outline five benefits of writing a blog for our news page

  1. Inclusive and open with a broad scope

The Hub is open to researchers at all stages in their academic journey. Through blogging you can provide your unique perspective on something that you care about. For example, you might want to cover what you learned from a recent conference you attended, or tell us about your PhD or current project, or perhaps you’d like to review a new podcast. We are interested in lots of different types of pieces (to find out more, see our ‘How to Contribute to the Hub’ page and check out the list of topics we cover on our ‘Who we are‘ page).

  1. Promotes your work more widely 

If you are a journal article author, it is often hard to find an audience to read your work. A short summary of your article can boost citations for your journal article – especially if you include relevant and well-placed links.

We will also share your blog posts through the Hub’s social feeds

  1. Opens doors and diversifies your networks 

As blogs are more accessible for most readers to understand, the exposure to new audiences can help foster new relationships with peers and wider external audiences (such as charities, non-governmental organisations etc.).  This has the potential to open up cross-disciplinary partnerships, spur requests for presentations, and even inspire invitations to write for academic publications.  

  1. Could lead to a direct impact on policy

Many blogs are well-established and fully integrated into newspapers, corporate and public sector communications, as well as academic practises, meaning your work could be read by people working in policy and practice. The Global Souths Hub is affiliated with two leading academic journals, and our blog pieces are shared across both teams.

Writing a post can also help non-specialist practitioners better understand the importance and impact of your work, which can facilitate a wider audience putting your actionable conclusions into practice. 

If you have any ideas for a blog post, please do get in touch with us. The publisher of our journals has developed guidance on how to write your first academic blog post. Do also have a read of our How to Contribute to the Hub page.

Working on an academic article?

Did you know Global South Studies is produced by the team who publish two highly reputable academic journals, Third World Quarterly (TWQ) and Central Asian Survey (CAS)?

If you are interested in writing for these journals, look at their submission guidelines.