A section of the Book Cover of Edward Said's Orientalism

Edward Said Award 

In 2016, the annual Edward Said Award was set up and awarded to the best Graduate Paper by the Global Development Section (GDS) of the International Studies Association (ISA) in collaboration with Third World Quarterly (TWQ). 

The award honours the intellectual legacy of Edward Said (one of the founding TWQ editorial board members) and to recognise outstanding Graduate Research.  TWQ sponsors the reception after the award every year.

Edward Said was a Palestinian-American academic, literary critic and political activist who is best known for his book Orientalism, a critical perspective on how the Western World perceives the East. 

A photo of Edward Said

Image: Edward Said, Lannan Foundation

The award winner receives a grant of US$500 and is encouraged to promptly submit their winning article to TWQ for publication, where it will receive rapid peer review and feedback. Once published, award winning articles benefit from wide dissemination and visibility through the journal’s extensive platforms and networks.

If you want to find out more about the award visit the Edward Said Award page on the ISA Global Development Studies (GDS).

Award Winners 

Image: Book Cover of Edward Said’s Orientalism (Penguin, 2019 )