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Global South Colloquium Fund 

Promoting the voices of Global South researchers in academic knowledge production and exchange.

We are pleased to announce that the Global South Colloquium Fund is now considering new rounds of funding for 2024-25.

Third World Quarterly (TWQ) is committed to supporting its researcher and readership communities in their work relating to the Global South, and therefore supports a TWQ Global South Colloquium Fund (GSCF).

GSCF has as its main purposes (a) enabling participation (especially of early career researchers) in international meetings; and (b) enabling work by Global South researchers, and especially those committed to a critical approach to Global South issues, to be presented and disseminated with maximum impact in online or face-to-face meetings.

The fields of special relevance for support include academic production and knowledge exchange in the research and policy-relevant fields of:

  • Global South Studies
  • International Relations and Political Science
  • International Political Economy
  • Development Studies
  • Area Studies and related disciplines
  • Sociocultural Studies

Since its inception, Third World Quarterly has been particularly keen to encourage transnational and regional cooperation to ensure diverse debates at the highest levels of academic research. The GSCF is therefore currently offering two main elements of financial support.

GSCF Recipients Gallery

“I recently attended a Workshop on Urban Mixed Methods at the University of Toronto. The funds that the GSCF offered me were very crucial in making this happen. The Workshop allowed me to reflect on and sharpen my PhD research methodology. I intend to apply these during my preliminary fieldwork in several informal settlements in Ghana in December 2023.”

Gideon Azunre, a Ghanaian and a second-year Ph.D. candidate at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada

Meeting Support

First, GSCF is making available grants for supporting a meeting (in person, remote webinar, or hybrid), seminar or panel session which would cover issues pertinent to the Global South research agenda. The Fund also has a preference for supporting events which seek to further the debate, discussion and dissemination of ideas and issues with relevance at the global level, rather than matters of purely local concern.

Meetings to be held in or organised by applicants based in the Global South will be given preference in each year’s funding round, but this does not preclude events elsewhere being supported.

GSCF hopes that papers from such meetings could be submitted for consideration and publication in Third World Quarterly, although the final papers would be required to undergo independent peer review evaluation, as is standard practice.

Assistance for Early Career Researchers

The Fund may also support a reception for Early Career Researcher (ECR) delegates or an ECR Panel Session at a bigger conference. We are keen to encourage ECRs pursuing a research agenda in relevant fields.

We are interested in receiving Special Issue proposals arising from ECR meetings or collaborations to encourage younger scholars. Author and editorial solidarity assistance may be available for ECR teams with an appropriate Editorial Board Member to aid submission to the Journal.

Travel Grants

Second, the GSCF has available travel grants up to a maximum of GBP£500/USD$600, to help support the travel costs of those attending a relevant event, with preference (but not exclusively) given to ECRs from the Global South.

Third World Quarterly recognises the important networking and intellectual opportunities that event attendance affords but is aware of the often-inhibitive financial demands of doing so. The Fund’s travel grants will only help cover travel costs after an event registration is confirmed, but will not cover registration, accommodation or subsistence costs.

The TWQ GSCF seeks, wherever possible, to cover the total amount of support requested, but may only be able to offer partial support. We will only support attendance at each event for a single delegate from an individual institution.

The Global South Colloquium fund is coordinated by David Green.


To express an interest in applying to the fund, please email David Green, the TWQ GSCF Coordinator: 

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