Global South Studies Journal Prizes and Awards

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Third World Quarterly has a fund for scholars from the Global South who would like to travel or host a meetings (see Global South Colloqium Fund page).

We list below other journals and societies which have established prizes for scholarly publishing in regional area studies /Global South Studies. 

*This list is not comprehensive, and is mainly comprised of Routledge Journals. Please let us know if there are any other prizes to include in the list from other journals and publishers. 

African Studies – Vilakazi Prize 

The Vilakazi Prize is dedicated to the memory and intellectual achievements of Benedict Wallet Bambatha Vilakazi (1906-1947), in support of new and young scholars in African Studies

Central Asian Survey – Irene Hilgers

The Irene Hilgers Memorial Prize is dedicated to the memory and scholarly achievements of Irene Hilgers, a German scholar of Uzbekistan. The prize celebrates the achievement of a junior scholar from any country who has had an article published in the four issues of Central Asian Survey from the preceding calendar year.

Journal of Contemporary China – John and Vivian Sabel Award 

The annual John and Vivian Sabel Award was launched in 2016 to celebrate the publication of the 100th issue and 25th anniversary of the Journal of Contemporary China. The Award is issued annually to an outstanding article as chosen by the editorial team of the Journal. 

Journal of Southern African Studies – Terence Ranger Prize

The Terence Ranger Prize is an honour given annually to the best article by a first time author in the Journal of Southern African Studies in the previous year. The prize is named after the late Terence Ranger, a distinguished scholar on History in Africa and long-time editor of the Journal of Southern African Studies.

Middle Eastern Studies – The Elie and Sylvia Kedourie Prize for Outstanding Article  

Founded in 2018, the prize is named for Elie Kedourie (1926–1992) founder and Editor-in-Chief of Middle Eastern Studies until his death in 1992, and Sylvia Kedourie (1925–2016) who took on the editorship of the journal from 1992 until her death in 2016. 

Review of African Political Economy (ROAPE) – Ruth First Prize 

The Ruth First prize is awarded for the best article published by an African author in the ROAPE journal in a publication year. 

Zounon Victorine  – Global South Caucus for International Studies (GSCIS)

The Zounon Victorine Award is an annual recognition bestowed by the Global South Caucus for International Studies (GSCIS) to support the research endeavors of an emerging scholar from Africa.